Natural Remedies For Allergies


Many people are suffering from allergies of all sorts and try to get relief from these symptoms using natural remedies instead of pharmaceutical medicines. There are several home remedies for allergies which work and every sufferer need to find the one that does the best job in his or hers case.

Lots of people find relief in hot tea when allergies hit. Green tea and chamomile tea have natural antihistamine properties. A couple of cups a day are recommended, especially if they are sweetened with honey, another one of the traditional home remedies for allergies.

Consider the following remedies for allergy treatment

Apple cider vinegar

Those who suffer from allergies caused by bug bites can use apple cider vinegar. This is one of thegfghfdhgfghfdghfdjhfdhjfhjfhfhj remedies for allergies that need to be applied topically on the skin affected by the allergy for providing relief from the itching sensation. The vinegar can also be diluted in water. Even if vinegar is bitter, one can use it.

Saline solution

One of the biggest problems of those who are affected by allergies is the nasal congestion. One of the most efficient home remedies for allergies which help them cope with the congestion is the saline solution. This will clean the nose of mucus and bacteria and will keep a healthy environment. It is best to use it daily.

Basil tea

Other home remedies for allergies deal with skin irritation and hives. Basil is one of them. Basil tea contains a compound name caffeic acid which ameliorates skin conditions generated by allergies. The tea needs first to cool down and then used to rinse the parts of the skin affected by the allergic reaction.

Baking soda

Baking soda is another one of the home remedies for allergies which are helpful in hives. People use it in the bath water to provide relief. The sufferer needs to stay in the tub for at least 20 to 30 minutes for the remedy to be effective. Baking powder may also be mixed with the saline solution prepared for the nasal de-congestion.

Vegetable juice

Nutrientsfgfdgfghfghfhgfhgfhjgfhjgfhjgfhjgfhj are essential in trying to get rid of allergies. Various vitamins strengthen the body and make it less prone to react to allergens. This is why vegetable juice is one of the best home remedies for allergies. The best results are obtained when consuming a mix of carrot juice, beet juice, and cucumber juice. Half a litre of this juice needs to be consumed daily. The carrot juice needs to be in larger proportion than the other juices.

You have a variety of medication to choose from if you are allergic. But you may get only limited relief from drugs.Try the mentioned remedies, they totally work.